Baby girl names

No. Name And Meaning
Meaning: Worship
Meaning: Expectation; Hope
Meaning: Water; Shine
Meaning: Goddess of will
Meaning: Glow,Luster,Shine,Splendour,Light,Brilliance,Bright and Radiant,Glorious
Meaning: Beauty; Shining; Lustre; Glow
Meaning: Jewel,aabharna signifies valuables,jewels,ornaments,it also has a meaning as the person who brings prosperity,happiness and honour
Meaning: A Raaga in Indian music
Meaning: God is My Father
Meaning: Worshipper of God
Meaning: Worshipper; Devotee
Meaning: Worshipers of God
Meaning: Worshipper; Devotee
Meaning: Gulal,The word aabir has the meaning of Fragrance,Scent,Aroma,in Hindu aspect aabir means Gulal or color
Meaning: Colour
Meaning: Fleeting; Transitory; Ephemeral
Meaning: Austere; Stern
Meaning: Lucky (Daughter of a king,Queen of iran)
Meaning: Fame; Honour; Dignity
Meaning: Shelter
Meaning: Shelter; Goodness; Place to Live
Meaning: Hope,need
Meaning: derived from the name of King Cheran
Meaning: Idealistic
Meaning: Reverence,Respectable
Meaning: Idol,Mentor,With An ideology,aadarsha signifies to a person(female) who is ideal,optimal,perfect
Meaning: Ideal
Meaning: Idealistic,aadarshini means one who adheres to idealism or is an idealistic
Meaning: Child of the Beginning
Meaning: Child of the Beginning
Meaning: Child of the Beginning
Meaning: Order; Command; Message
Meaning: Ordering,Commanding,Instigating
Meaning: Being First
Meaning: One who Holds
Meaning: First Power
Meaning: Goddess
Meaning: More Wish / Desire
Meaning: Honesty; Just; Upright; Justice
Meaning: Summer Sun
Meaning: Lightning,Strong,The Moon,Moon,To sentimentalize and remember nostalgically
Meaning: A Special Star
Meaning: Beautiful Queen
Meaning: Beautiful Queen; Goddess Durga
Meaning: Worship of Goddess Amba; Beginning
Meaning: Mountain or celestial
Meaning: Truth,Faith,Unique
Meaning: Sun; Earth
Meaning: Matchless,Unique
Meaning: Goddess Durga
Meaning: First power,The beginning
Meaning: First Preference
Meaning: Spiritual; The Supreme Spirit
Meaning: Warrior princess
Meaning: First One on Earth,Goddess Durga
Meaning: Polite; Cultured; Respect Giving
Meaning: the hindu word aadideva is feminine to the word aadideva means First of God,the one closest to the almighty
Meaning: One which we can Proud
Meaning: Goddess
Meaning: Intention of Education